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Free Radicals are simply molecules that are missing an electrical charged electron that orbit in pairs. In order to restore balance, it trying to snatch one from any other molecule nearby - molecular terrorists (is there any counter terrorists? Yes, the task belongs to police force - antioxidants).

Free Radicals (molecular Terrorists) create molecular disorder and confusion, moving rapidly into the protein, fats and genetic DNA of cells, spoil and corroding them. Especially when hits on DNA, the cells' tiny power factories called mitochondria, cause mutations that incite cells to aberrant behavior. Over time, leaving the body aged and diseased.  

  • As we get older, the rate of cell-damaging free radical reactions accelerates dramatically. 
  • As we age, the abilities to defuse and repair the damage from the free radicals (detoxification system) lose steam. 
  • It is estimated that by age 50, about 30% of your cellular protein has been turned into rusty junk by free radical attacks. 
  • 80 ~ 90 percent of degenerative diseases involve free radical activity. 
  • Too much iron can make you old by fostering free radical attacks on cells. (However, menstruating women or child-bearing age women tend to lose iron regularly in blood flow and may need iron supplements. Also, children and adolescents often do not get enough iron. Iron supplements may require to correct the defficiencies)  

Important Quotes

Through free radical reactions in our body, it is as though we are being irradiated at low levels all the time. They grind us down.
- Lester Packer, biochemist at University of California at Berkeley

Trillion molecules of oxygen go through each cell every day, inflicting about one hundred thousand free radical hits or wounds on your cells' genes or DNA,
- Bruce Ames, University of California

Aging is a disease. The human life span simply reflects the level of free Radical Oxidative damage that accumulates in cells. When enough damage accumulates, cells can't survive properly anymore and they just give up. 
- Earl R. Stadtman, researcher on ageing. National Institutes of Health

Alcohal is astonishing - it's a potent pharmacologic agent that can be part of a healthy diet and can also be essentially fatal if consumed in excess.
- Dr. Walter Willett, Harvard School of Public Health

The different between drinking small and large amounts of alcohal may be the difference between preventing and causing premature deaths.
- Dr. Charles Hennekens, professor, Harvard Medical School

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