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Antioxidant is a chemical substance that will donate an electrical charged electron to a free radical without creating an unpaired molecule by itself.

  • Free Radicals damage cells and causing aging
  • Antioxidants prevent cells from free radical attacks
  • Antioxidants help delays aging  


Wearing a seat belt doesn't give you a license to drive recklessly, it just protects you in case of an accident. Vitamin supplements work the same way: they don't give you a license to eat poorly and otherwise abuse your health, but provide an added cushion of protection.
- Dr. Jeffrey Blumberg, Tulfs University

Antioxidants in red grapes and red wine, like vitamin E, thwart free radicals' ability to oxidize your bad-type LDL blood cholesterol that sets the stage for artery clogging.

In test-tube experiments, Edward Frankel, Ph.D., and colleagues at the University of California at Davis found that antioxidants in red wine were even stronger than vitamin E at blocking free radicals.

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