Variety is the spice of the life -
(9) of 100 QUICK TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT series

Healthy eating and obsessive denial don't go well together. If you constantly restrict yourself, it's harder to stick to healthy eating. An occasional, single scoop of ice cream, with sliced banana on the side is not going to do any harm, if you can balance the rest of the day’s food. Variety is the spice of the life and it keeps away boredom. This is applicable to exercise also. 

The basic philosophy -
(10) of 100 QUICK TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT series

A better approach towards unhealthy food is that - ‘I can have it, if I want it, but I don’t really feel taking it.’ In this way, you are not denying yourself your favorite sugar candy, but then you are encouraging yourself to eat with more awareness and with practice, you’ll learn to eat less of these foods and eat more of what your body needs.

Hold your ground -
(11) of 100 QUICK TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT series

Hunger is enemy number one for any one who is on a diet. You should learn the art of making your stomach small by lessening the urge to eat more. You can expect this enemy at any moment and be prepared for it.

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