(79) Little changes can have big results

Try and maintain an interval of about 15 seconds between each morsel of food while taking your meals. Always eat in a particular place. Fix a place for your meals and stick to it. Stop using a big plate while eating. It is advisable to use a small plate to do the same.

(80) Say “I can have that but I do not want it”

A small bread (30 grams) or biscuits can be substituted by two or three small biscuits, one cup of corn, and one small boiled potato. So never get the larger size of food even if it is free!

(81) Fat is part of Balanced Meal

Fat, which is also a part of a balanced meal, must be taken in a proper quantity. Fats lubricate the joints; help to produce heat and energy, which are both necessary for us. So a correct amount of fat intake in the diet must be taken care of.

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