(60) Lower your cholesterol

A clove or two of garlic taken on an empty stomach every morning brings down the cholesterol level in the body. Mango leaves can be soaked overnight in water; then dried the next day and pounded into a powder. This powder taken with a bit of honey reduces the sugar level and relieves one of diabetic suffering and thereby reducing your weight too.

(61) Replace high starch with low

Those who love rice can consider replacing white polished rice with brown rice. This is low in the starch content and thus adds less carbohydrate. If you read the labels on food packaging you will find that a lot of similar foods have different benefits and you can find many ways to help you long the way to weight loss and health this way!

(62) Another tip to lower cholesterol!

Coriander juice in the mornings helps reduce cholesterol. Try it as a quick and easy remedy or even as a preventive. Reducing cholesterol is important for heart health and we all need healthy hearts!


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