Enjoy and do -  (6) of 100 QUICK TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT series    

If you can apply this rule to your stratagem, then I don’t think any stumbling block can
come in your path to success. The moment you do these tasks mechanically, you will feel monotonous. The key point, which you must bear in mind, is that the exercises and plans explained here must be done with hundred percent involvements from your part.

The power of mind - (7) of 100 QUICK TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT series 

Remember that it is always mind over body. Let your mind be fit enough to guide you to do the right thing always. Keepyour cool and go ahead with your weight loss program.

Visualization - (8) of 100 QUICK TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT series 

The very first thing needed is the determination to lose weight. So "make up your mind".  Tell yourself how wonderful you would feel if you were trim and slim with a perfect figure. Pamper yourself by mentally being in shape. Tell yourself that all is going to be fine and that you will make it happen!

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