(54) Spinach is our friend

Spinach is popular all over as the energy giver to the world famous Popeye. So if you too are a regular on the cartoon show, along with the kids; get your hands full on this rich in minerals green, make a soup from it or just steam or bake it and it is ready to eat! You can top it with salt, pepper and some lemon juice!

(55) Sometimes we need a bit more then a snack but not a whole meal 

Ready cereals are always good to fall back on. You can take your pick from a range of these. Depending on what your body needs you can eat the required amounts. It might just be the thing to hit the spot and hot oatmeal can be that comforting warm feeling without making a whole meal.

(56) Tea in the Herbal way 

Herbal tea is a good replacement for the regular tea. It can be rich in herbs and impart benefits thus. Anyways, herbs are used largely to add flavor to the food. Why not try them in your tea? Be assured that your tea will taste much better if flavored thus.


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