(51) Minerals

Food rich in minerals can also be taken in, while on a diet. Minerals are vital constituents of our diet. Without these, we cannot survive for a long time. We can choose having our own individual value various minerals.

(52) Good for you veggies!

Cabbage, by far contains a lot of roughage. It is advisable to consume as much of this vegetable as possible. Salads made in simple as well as a bit of rich varieties, can be very tasty and beneficial to the body. So, get going on that wonderful flower like leafy vegetable!

(53) Different ways to cook them!

Spinach, lettuce, celery and a range of such greens are available in plenty, all over. It is for you to get to the store and pick up what you want and just find various ways in which to cook these and eat them. Celery leaves can be eaten raw with a simple dressing. Be careful not to use very fattening dressings while making a salad. My great recipe books are out there. Like, 101 Recipes, "Weight Loss Specific Recipes" that have tips about how to make vegetables tasty!

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