(33) Benefit yourself

Benefit yourself
Grapes can be the best fruit for those having diabetes. Black grapes or berries are a better deal than green ones. Even the juice of this fruit is beneficial.

(34) MORE! Not something you here when dieting

Food with 90%-95% water content are a safe bet while on a diet. Watermelons, tomatoes, cucumber or zucchini contain a lot of water. Try eating more of these.

(35) Walking away the pounds

A walk in the early morning sun is a very welcome thought. Imagine how good one can feel if you take a walk just when the sun has risen. Feeling the softness of the sunrays, the pleasant breeze that brings the dew and moisture with it! How much more can one ask for! Nature has its own ways of yielding so much to us; we only need to avail of its gifts. A brisk walk for about half an hour should do wonders to help you in starting your day freshly.

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