(27) Lukewarm water helps digestion

Chilled or iced water is again harmful to our body. It cools down the system, making digestion difficult at times. Since we need heat to digest the food we eat, cold water can be avoided. It is always good to have lukewarm water whenever you are thirsty. It may sound silly now, but when you try it out and see its effect, maybe you will be happy to have made such a tough attempt.

(28) Drink up!

Water therapy is much heard and spoken of. It is a sure way to help in weight loss. So start your day by drinking at least 1250 ml of water everyday. Water is the elixir of life. It is true that water is a savior of life. So let it be a habit to drink the minimum quantity of water needed by an adult. At fixed intervals, water must be drunk. It helps to maintain the fluid content of the body. When we drink a lot of water, our intake of food reduces. Then, it is easy to eat less and still remain healthy. And then, water also cleanses the skin. So drink water in between meals and an hour or half, before your meals.

(29) Tomatoes can help!

Tomatoes and other such fruits can be consumed in plenty. They are a good substitute for other harmful foods. Besides, the hemoglobin count will be higher when such food is eaten.


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