(24) Papaya!

As mentioned earlier, a papaya after a walk could do wonders to help in losing weight. So what are you waiting for? Just get hold of the knife and slice that marvelous fruit which is then ready to consume. It will show its true effect within a matter of a few days. Besides, here is a beauty tip too! You don’t need to use all those face packs anymore! The intake of this fruit does the trick.

(25) Fruits are the helpful sweet!

It is advisable to eat as much fruit as possible during the first part of the day. Maybe till about noon one can consume all the pulpy fruits like papaya, apple, pear, banana etc. This is the time when the body throws out all the toxins from the body that may have accumulated. Once these toxins get out of the body, it is easier to work out the weight loss process. It has been proved time and again that this kind of consumption of fruits helps weight loss.

(26) Fiber helps digestion

Eating of raw fruits is healthier than having fruit juices. Besides the natural sugar in them, juices have excess sugar added to sweeten them. This is not good for a person who is on a diet. Besides, eating raw fruits gives us fiber, which helps in digestion. Juicy and watery fruits; that is; fruits having more water content, are good to eat when on a diet. So, add that rich fiber into your daily food.

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