(21) Remember to relax

Sauna baths have proved to be quite helpful in relaxing a tired mind and body. This therapy gives a lot of freshness to a person. It may not show obvious results in weight reduction but does not have any side effects either.

(22) Water and fruits the natural goodness

At the start of your day, it is a good choice to have a cup of warm water, with a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Honey has a number of medicinal qualities and it works as a cleanser for the stomach and intestines, which are lined with fat. It scrapes the fatty layer slowly but surely and one can feel the difference in about the first week. Be sure not to have anything for the next half hour after taking the honey and lemon combination.

(23) Try an apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Well, we learn this in school, but how many of us actually follow it? Let me tell you that it is a true statement. Why not try it? The next thing would be to have a papaya on an empty stomach. It is a natural cleanser of the digestive system. The pectin present in this wonderful fruit acts as a bulk laxative and the content of the enzymes helps in digestion. If consumed early morning as a breakfast substitute, it clears the system and if taken at night it acts as a digestive. So, it is fruitful to have this fruit at any given time!

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